Mya Saray Shisha Pipes

mya-saray-hookah-pipes-machine-madeModern day hookah lovers generally opt for the Mya Saray Shisha Pipe as it is one of the most easiest and portable shisha hookah you can carry from one place to another. Another salient feature of this hookah is that it is simple to maintain. This hookah is considered to be the best machine made modern shisha in the market today. Its parts can be assembled and disassembled at any time. This makes it simple to carry from one place to another. The metal of this hookah is a deeply polished one and the glass is of high quality. The materials are generally from Romania or the Czech Republic. The Mya Saray shisha pipe is crafted by machines and it differs from the ones that are traditionally made by hand. This hookah is also durable and sturdy. This is why many people prefer them over traditional hookahs when it comes to transporting the hookah from one place to another.

Enhance The Flavour Of Your Smoke With A Phunnel Shisha Bowl

The Phunnel Shisha Bowl is one of the most widely sought after shisha bowls for smoking. With this bowl you are able to experience a unique and different smoking experience. The design of the phunnel shisha bowl is a contemporary one and it allows the juices of the shisha to remain in the bowl. This in turn enhances the taste of the hookah and extends the time life of your smoke. The design of this bowl is one that stops the juices from going inside the hookah water. This means that you can get no discoloration in your water that can be caused from the juices you are using in your hookah. So if you are looking for a hookah bowl that enhances the flavour of your shisha you can bank on this one!

Khalil Mamoon Shisha Stem


Khalil Mamoon is one of the most sought after Egyptian shisha brands for sale in the Middle East. They are famous for all their shisha products and accessories. The company takes great care and pride in creating the shisha stems they manufacture. All the stems manufactured by this company have strong wielding and a great build. They have been designed and manufactured in such a way to give you the best of your smoke. They have a wide gauge tube with an effortless purge valve that gives you a good smoke. The stem is a hand-made one and has the Khalil Mamoon logo on its stem. More information can be found here.

Buy A Good Shisha Windcover

hookah-windcoverWith a shisha wind cover you can protect the hookah smoking session both indoors and outdoors. There are a wide range of wind covers that you can choose from, when you are looking for one that suits your style and preferences. Most shisha windcovers have the sole objective of protecting your shisha charccoal from burning out fast. They prevent the charcoal from falling and blowing away from the clay bowl. With them you are able to protect the shisha from wind and rain exposure as well. With a good quality shisha hookah wind cover you are also able to protect friends and property from getting coal burns that can be dangerous.

Buy Shisha Hookah Accessories @ Wholesale Prices in UK

shisha-hookah-wholesale-prices-online-ukShisha Hookah smoking has grown drastically in the last few years and this is why you are able to find the growth of shisha shops and bars in every nook and corner of the UK. With the rise of shisha businesses you are also able to see the increase in the number of wholesalers in the nation and across the world. These shisha wholesalers are able to sell shisha hookah accessories at factory rates without compromising on the quality of their products. These wholesalers help shisha and hookah businesses to establish their presence in the market and establish their services to a large extent. More information click here.

Egyptian Shisha Bowls are most popular - Why?

egyptian-shisha-bowlThe most common and popular shisha bowls you find in the shisha market is the Egyptian Shisha Bowls. These bowls are immensely in demand in the Middle East. They are manufactured with traditional production methods and this is why they are thick and strong. These bowls are balanced and this is why they are able to retain heat. When you buy Egyptian hookah bowls you will find that they contain marks and may have scores underneath the top layers of glaze. This results due to heat firing in the kiln. They are preferred by shisha smokers for everyday smoking and are ideal for beginners. These bowls are unique and no two bowls are alike. The shape may vary slightly however the space for the molasses is the same. The wide heads help the smoke to last longer than the narrow head bowls. Read more here.

Best Shisha Ash Trays in UK

silver-ash-trayVery often you may need to buy a shisha tray or ashtray for your shisha or hookah. When you are looking for replacement hookah ash tray you should choose for local and online shops in the UK that provide you with a wide range of trays from a single source. With the aid of them you can get one that fits into your shisha easily. They are available in many shapes and sizes and all you have to do is get hold of the best one for your shisha hookah. In case you are not sure of the size fit for your hookah it is best to contact a specialist online shop like


Buy A Cheap Shisha Hose Online UK

cheap-shisha-hookah-hose-shopVery often you may be on a tight budget and may not wish to go to a local shop to buy a new or replacement shisha hose. Most stores have fixed prices for their products and the time you go there may not be a “sale” time. Thanks to online resources on the internet you will find that there are many shisha or hookah websites that provide you with discounts and if you are lucky with sales too!

When you are looking for a cheap shisha hose ensure that you visit credible sites that specialise in the type of hoses you are looking for. These websites allow you to shop any time round the clock and this is why many hookah lovers visit them often. With them you are able to get an insight on a wide range of products that gives you wider choice. At  you can shop as per your budget and get attractive deals and offers in the process.